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So This Happened Monday

I was getting out of the shower Monday when I slipped and dislocated my knee. Hernan helped me up and took me to the hospital. Our friend Yusuf also showed up, since he knows what it’s like to be a foreigner in need of medical attention outside his country. We were in and out in an hour, which I can’t say the same about private hospital care in the States. I had x-rays done, and the doc said I’m going to physical therapy, as well as another test given my history of knee problems. I’m icing and taking ibuprofen, and Hernan and our friends are proving to be a big help. They’ve bought me facturas and are great company. I’m not in any excruciating pain, but I hate this kind of stuff. See, I’ve been having knee problems since I was 11, and doctors always said exercise was the better route compared to surgery and my problems could still continue. My knee issues made for interesting travel companions when I was backpacking South America as I had a similar injury three weeks before my bus to Peru.  I exercise and go to the gym, but I find my knee limits me from doing activities normal folks do, such as running without worries. I should be able to be up in da club and booty pop to my heart’s content without worrying about one false move. Previous doctors psyched me out of surgery, but now that I am young maybe it is the best road to take after all.

Anybody care to share their knee stories?

The current state of affairs

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Clothes of Cordoba

Hi y’all, here’s a look at some of the get ups and styles the gals are using down here in Cordoba. These photos are from the various galerias near the peatonal and Plaza San Martin, where you can find the local chains such as Toda Moda for accessories, Tejano (jeans), as well as shops with folk selling their own designs.

Riding and other styles of knee high boots are the rage all year round, but I don’t dig the white/cream colored affair miss thang is working here. At least they’re not Uggs, however it is unclear which of the two evils is worse.

Bootleg versions of Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty are quite popular as well.

This zoot suit/tangero version of Mickey is cute

Off the shoulder designs are popular as well.


There’s a few shops who let their mannequins’ weaves get all kinds of tangled and cray cray.

This one doesn't look so bad

DAyuum! Those bangs say BAM!

This whole look screams 80's hair band/Warrant groupie

At a job interview, one of the chicas wore a ruffly blouse similar to this, but it's so froufie froufie it looks inappropriate in an environment where I would want to be taken seriously. Also reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry declares "But I don't wanna be a pirate!"

I haven’t bought anything from these galerias and I try to stay away from Patio Olmos (the mall) because:

That's right, I'm cheap

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Hi y’all, how was your weekend? That sounds like fun, this weekend Hernan and I went camping thanks for asking. Sorry I have no pictures for this post, the camera died (although I did charge the damn thing) as soon as we arrived at the camping site. We left Córdoba Capital Friday evening. We left our apartment an hour earlier to find a bus that would take us to Los Reartes, (where the couchsurfing camp site is, a few km away from Villa General Belgrano, where the main Oktoberfest event takes place) but most of them were full. Finally we decided to take a bus to VGB and hope to find another bus that would take us to Los Reartes, but alas, we arrived too late. We spent the night at the bus station until 5:30 AM when the began running. After we arrived, it was raining with thunder and lightning, and when we finally arrived at the camp site, none of the couchsurfing peeps had arrived. Exhausted, we pitched our tent under some random tree and fell asleep. I had no sleeping bag, so we tried to squeeze ourselves into one, which was uncomfortable after a while. When we awoke and the rain had stopped, we discovered some CS peeps actually were there, but they had the sense to pitch their tents under a metal roof /patio type deal. Hernan moved the tent and then we went to VGB, just to see the folk getting drunk in the streets with their beer mugs and Peter Pan style hats. It rained until Sunday, when we took a long walk alongside the river and wet our feet a bit. I wanted to go for a swim, but we had already packed our stuff Luckily, Samuel, the dude who organized the camping, drove us home, and the shared gas expenses cost less than taking a bus. I had fun getting away from the city, though I wish more CS folks showed up.

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I Ran Out of Tampons!

It’s not an emergency, but I am a long time fan of Tampax Pearls, or any reputable drug store knock off, but at all the pharmacies here in town only have pads. A while back I bought the economy sized box from Costco, which lasted me almost the whole year.  I found one national brand yesterday but they expand too much,sorry for the TMI. I don’t like pads because I just don’t trust them, if you’re a chick you know what I mean. I also find them gross, and bulky. Maybe pads would save my life if I were to go white water rafting.


Sunday at Maria Maria

Good evening, how was your weekend? Oh that sounds nice, but I’m far too lazy to do something like that.

Yesterday Hernan, some couchsurfing folks (Rut and Diego), and I went to Tia Cucha’s Peruvian Restaurant almost out in the boonies of Alta Cordoba. It’s a place our friend pinche Armando found a while back. It’s a place that brings back memories of sitting at the open air market in Cuzco getting my grub on. However, this is not a place I would bring somebody who is accustomed to dining fancy. I ordered the fish with rice and begins, because every now and then I like to get down with my arroz y frijoles, güey. The other folks ordered lomo salteado which is shredded steak with onions and bell peppers, ceviche, and some other seafood dish. After woofing down all our food, we went back to Diego’s apartment which is even more way out in the boonies to drink mate. Hernan and I were hella tired when we finally made it home, but then I got a message from Gi, one of the chicas who lives on the 3rd floor saying that she was going to go out with Fani, the girl who works at the bakery downstairs. I was hesitant about going since I was feeling lazy, but I figured I should go that way I continue getting invited to all the happening and wild shindigs. We went to Maria Maria, a bar along the cañada. The music was good, but the place wasn’t really poppin’ as it was almost empty. The DJ played some pop hits as well as reggaeton, cumbia villera, and salsa. After throwing out a few steps, we went home early, about 4 AM.

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A Vocabulary Lesson for this Fine Sunday Evening

No me cantaron las pelotas: Literally, my balls didn’t sing to me; a very vulgar way of saying lost the sauce do anything.

Iba a limpiar mi cuarto pero no me cantaron las pelotas.

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October is Here!

Hi what are y’all up to this Saturday?

Just finished making a pizza with queso cremoso, my homemade tomato sauce, and green olives. During the weekends here in Cordoba people are usually nursing their hangovers and go out later to the boliches in Nueva Cordoba. I leave you with this jam for a warm, Spring day, well on my side of the equator anyway.

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