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For When You Really Don’t Like Someone…

No, I haven’t created any kind of that beef with anybody down here. I’d like to think of myself as a friendly alien, because technically I’m illegal.

Lo/la tengo montado/a en un huevo (literally I have him/her mounted on an egg) is what you say when a certain somebody isn’t your cup of tea. Learned this from Stefania.

Alright I’ll quit while I’m behind.

Good Night Y’all.

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Physical Therapy Round 2

Great news, already bending my knee at 90%! This is great news since with my past three major knee injuries I’ve been quite a wuss, but this time I bend my knee to where it hurts and hold it for a few seconds. So glad to at least sit normally in a chair. Today I did some strengthening exercises and was hooked up to this machine that contracts the muscles. Most of the therapists at my hospital seem really young, but they seem to know what they’re doing. What scares me a little bit is going up and down stairs, I don’t want my knee to come out again, but got to get my strength up. Use it or lose it is right.


Here’s a song I’ve been listening to lately:


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Today’s WOTD isn’t exactly a word, it’s more like a Cordobes grammar lesson. Down here when folks like to say something is really big, they use -azo. Take for example, the word cansado, meaning tired. Yo estoy cansado becomes Yo estoy cansadazo.

Any adjective can be used in this form. Try it with me.

Fuimos a la fiesta de La Yoli y terminaste borachazo.

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First Day of Physical Therapy!


I’ve stopped wearing my pirate leg, you know, the ones that keep your knee straight? And today was all about bending. The hour and a half session started when the therapist put some gel on my knee and used a machine to help the swelling go down. She asked me the usual questions and checked my MRI results. After she massaged my knee with this gooey green stuff which I think was novocaine because after a while my little knee went numb. Then she bent my leg around and then did some bending exercises on the medicine ball. After my leg was wrapped in ice for 20 minutes.

Icin' down my knee

As far as physical activities I still can’t go to the gym, but my therapist told me there are a few exercises I can do in a swimming pool, though no swimming. Hope I am making good progress.


Current State of Affairs

Hi last week I was finally able to see a specialist and get my MRI here in Cordoba, turns out I have a torn ligament. The doc recommended surgery, but says I’m too scared. If I don’t have it the problem will continue. For the next few weeks I’m going to prepare by going to therapy, I need all the luck I can get. I talked to my mom who told me I need to suck it up and quit being a chicken, HA! I am glad that I have folk down here who care about me.

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