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“Dear White People” I have High Hopes For Y’all

I found this trailer while surfing the net and came across a blog post about Adidas’ ridiculous shackle shoes, when I came upon a link for Dear White People, a movie that should be in theaters everywhere. Now. The main characters are black, but their stories are shared in real life among other people of color.

When I was a young buffalo at SF State (far from the Ivy League halls in this trailer), I remember being bombarded by La Raza Student Organization and MEChA recruiters with material saying that we young educated Chicanos needed to stick together against the Man, and other forces undermining advancement and education for people of color. When I was coming up I never truly thought of my fellow Latinos living in the States as my brothers and sisters; as a fourth generation pocha, I didn’t grow speaking Spanish, I was never enrolled in ESL classes, and nobody in my family has a harrowing tale of almost drowning in the Rio Grande or crossing the barren Arizona desert while dodging the INS. I do not claim to be the descendent of Aztec warriors. Other Latinos with whom I had grown up seemed to share this same view with their gossiping and judging their peers for choosing school over breaking out into fights on the schoolyard. There was definitely a lack of empowering Latinos making a difference in the community whose examples I could have used against high school teachers who said we would never see the inside of a university so we might as well get someone to sign our field trip slips to visit Mount Saint Mary’s College.

Fast forward to life at SF State; unlike most college campuses across the US, my alma mater is diverse as they come and home to a lot of foreign students as well. I felt all of us were in this university thing together, all of us joined together in a caffeinated struggle to pass our classes and graduate on time while juggling internships, jobs, and sometimes children and bad relationships. I ended up joining the first Latina sorority on campus, and I can say the experience was mostly good times. For every down and informed non POC, there was always the güero who couldn’t grasp the thought that a taxi would take one look and drive off after looking at a couple of college kids trying to make it back to the dorms after a night around the Bay, and who still thought it was OK to tell my Asian friend that her Michigan accent sounded more “fresh off the boat” from mainland China. This wasn’t Jim Crow Mississippi, it was San Francisco circa 2005.

When the trailer opens, the hipster clad characters declare they are tired of Tyler Perry’s BS feel good movies that are tied to Christian propaganda. Now, I’m not going to summarize the whole trailer for you, as it is at the beginning of this post so you are going are going to have to watch it your own damn self, but it is fresh and thought provoking. The characters look like they could be from SF State, and not thugs as is the typical portrayal of black people in Hollywood. The trailer presents four students: Sam who has a radio show calling out White folks on their ignorance, Lionel who breaks a watermelon over a group of white students’ rascist gangsta party, Coco who is accused of wearing a weave, and Troy who is dating a white chick. The title is definitely getting some folk all riled up. In this modern world, we shouldn’t need a film like Dear White People, just like other educated people of color shouldn’t need to band together in sororities or MEChA, but we do. You bust that watermelon, Lionel.

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Visiting Che Guevara

Alta Gracia is a pueblo about an hour outside of Cordoba Capital, where Che Guevara spent his childhood. His house definitely isn’t the most exciting thing to see in Argentina (it’s a house, not the Taj Mahal), but after almost a year here, what the hell.


Foreigners get charged a little extra, I think 40 pesos so Spanish is crucial if you’re thinking about duping the Man.


La Poderosa

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I’m finally off crutches and back at the gym, though not 100% as I can’t run yet or fully bend my knee. The autumn/winter (because with the crazy climate change I can’t tell which season is which anymore) chill doesn’t help either. I am glad I found a Groupon for a gym in Nueva Cordoba worth 50 pesos which covers three months. I went today and boy am I out of shape, I sure am feeling the burn. Not only do my quadriceps need some training, but my arms need plenty of toning as well. It’s not as if I was lifting cars with one hand before,but today I was doing some wussy weightlifting. It seems as if one part of your body goes, the rest will follow. My plan is to squeeze the hell out of my gym membership. I am glad this place also has knowledgeable staff and that the weight machines actually work. Before my shower accident, I was going to this ladies only gym in the center, which I thought would have been great, because girl power is where it’s at y’all, right? Nope, to use the elliptical (which looked more like one of the first prototypes for a simulated running machine that belongs in the Smithsonian) or any of the other cardio equipment, one had to sign up for a 10 minute time slot. Given that there were only three of each machines, I mostly couldn’t use them because the next available slot was hours after I began my workout. Most of the weightlifting machines were rusty and broken, so I took advantage of the pilates classes. The gym I go to now is an old gutted out house with more floors built in to fit all the equipment. U2 plays on the stereo, and in the cardio room in the back there is a tv that plays music videos nonstop. Hopefully my doctor will give me the green light to take the Brazilian dance class, YES!


Buns of Steal

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