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Fashion in The Time of Inflation

That sure is a lot of  F’s. And I definitely give a few when it comes to lookin’ good. According to Argentina’s Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas y Censos (INDEC), inflation in the country was rose 0.8% last July. Meanwhile, my health insurance down here rose 30% in the past year, and I am nowhere near a Forever 21 to stock up on shirts that fall apart after one wash. For real, but don’t act like you’re not drinking the Kool Aid either. A few weeks ago, my only pair of skinny jeans (which I’ve been wearing since junior year at SF State) just couldn’t take the strain anymore and ripped a big hole halfway around my thigh. Granted, they also had several holes around the crotch which weren’t noticeable, but then again why would you be looking you perv? I found these boyfriend fit jeans on sale at Complot for 125 ARG.  That store is usually expensive and their sales seem to happen once every million years.

Yet I have been lucky:

Yes it’s genuine leather, no I didn’t pay a peso. One night in Nueva Cordoba while eating an empanada, a pack of drunk university students (and I’m talking flash mob, for real I thought they were going to bust out with an inebriated performance of “Thriller”) were stumbling over themselves holding plastic cups and stumbling over each other. While making my way back home, I discovered this little gem thrown on the corner like a cheap ho. The downside is I found it completely empty, so no cash or credit cards. Darn, almost perfect.  Folks down here like to bag on us ‘Muricans because we are wasteful and throw out our perfectly good couches and what not onto the sidewalk, but I’m not judging, whoever let go of it must have been pretty wasted.

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