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Turning Into A Bright, Green, New Palm Tree


SInce being back home, folks always ask if I miss traveling and if I am anxious to leave LA again. I must confess, my first few days back in the States I did hyperventilate a little, because maybe Halloween costume prepping in the gritty Downtown Fashion District was not the best activity to do first.


Como la flooooor. Me as Selena at the Troubador on Halloween

There are so many great places left to see on the world, and I am not giving up on my dream of flying in the Hello Kitty plane, but my lovely and sometimes bootsy (the “B” in “bootsy” can also mean beautiful) city has a lot to offer in the way of quirky adventures and a diverse crowd of people. Outsiders think we Angelenos are obsessed with plastic surgery and offer little in the way of culture, and if you’re visiting on a vacation package that only includes celebrity home tours and nothing west of Cahuenga Blvd., then I could see why you would believe that. Quite frankly, the people who I find the most shallow and pretentious are the people who moved from tiny hellhole towns to try and make it in the entertainment industry. They like to brag about standing in line behind Ethan Hawke at Starbucks and when you invite them to an East LA taqueria they say stupid things like “Ok, but I don’t want to get beat up because I’m white.”

But where else are you going to find these babies?!


These door knocker /eye of Horus/ Illuminati earrings are my jam! I bought them at the Santee Alley from this one stall that had other fabulous, spangly and dangly earrings and nameplate necklaces. They almost reach my shoulders and make me feel as regal and majestic as Queen Nefertiti. I like to wear them with my favorite lipstick, Ruby Woo by MAC.


For the longest time I was shy when it came to wearing red lipstick for anything other than fancy occasions, and then I would stick to dark (please refer pack to Selena pic), chola burgundy reds. This shade is a keeper because it brings out my skin tone. It is also the perfect Rocky Horror red.

For today, I bid you adieu, here is what I listen to get beautified:

How can “don’t dream it, be it” not be your mantra?

I get up at 6 a.m. for my internship, so I have to bailar sin cesar.

Nico’s voice sounds like a pur.

What are your glamming out songs?

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