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Hello Kitty is Comin’ to Town

Save up your pesos and maybe empty out your booze allowance jar. For her 40th birthday, Hello Kitty will be taking over Downtown LA’s Little Tokyo with the first ever official Hello Kitty Con in the world, Oct 30- Nov 2. This is your opportunity to spend Halloween with everybody’s favorite cat. Hello Kitty will hold court at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (The Museum Of Contemporary Art). Attendees will be treated to panels, art exhibits, a chance to see the first ever Hello Kitty coin purse made in 1974, and tattoos by renowned artists such as Mario DESA and Dan Smith. There will also be a pop-up shop with Hello Kitty products from around the world, and a specially curated vintage boutique with items from the fabulous feline’s early days.


Poster, $25 at the convention


 The Line will be the con’s official hotel and will offer Hello Kitty-themed rooms and dishes on their room-service menu. This seems like a reasonable option for those of us who can’t yet afford a seat on the Hello Kitty jet. Check out Sanrio’s official HK Con page for more info on this important event in kitsch history.

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Trying to Dress for Success

I am sure when most sane people see my outfits they think “what is this girl doing?” For the most part, I have spent most of my professional (are unpaid internships where you lug huge heavy boxes from the second floor to the dumpster considered professional?) experience has been spent in some form of creative/artsy fartsy field where suits aren’t required, though I do have some trousers and blazers from Banana Republic stored and ready.

Since my last post, I have been working full time in the arts. HA! I am being vague because this is the internet.

Also it’s Summer and owning a few fabulous frocks allows me to stumble out of bed and attempt to look presentable with little effort. A dress is just a onesie you throw on, and because in our patriarchal society, wearing a dress= you totes look like a lady, people really think you went the extra mile to look professional. Just don’t forget to wear boxers.

My favorite dress reserved for days when I must exude my utmost better-than-normal self is this vintage animal print dress which I bought at SquaresVille. I like to wear it with my black Steve Madden ankle booties, and with the swirl of leopard spots and tiger stripes, I bet you don’t notice any coffee stains.


Surfing at the Outfest opening night gala

This is the only peplum thing I own. No frumpy, slouchy cardigans for this broad!

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