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Malena Pichot una loca de mierda

I first heard of Malena Pichot when I was living in Argentina, and since then I have continued to watch her hilarious sketches and stand up. The clip “Piropos en la calle”, a sardonic look at street harassment, where instead of having an adverse reaction to catcalls, Malena smiles and treats them as tokens of appreciation for her beauty. Her witty take on machista culture, pokes fun at the upside down world we live in, and laugh at the narrow roles in which women are placed.

With various social media platforms giving rise to over sharing with the click of a button, Pichot became YouTube famous after being dumped and ranting and raving about it with a series of videos called La loca de mierda (The Fucking Crazy Woman). She took the crazy ex-girlfriend trope and ran with it. In her videos, she calls her ex boyfriend at odd hours, and imagines him doing the nasty with his new girlfriend. Her series became a hit, when in 2009 La loca de mierda found a wider audience on the MTV Latin America website.

Pichot’s sketch comedy segment for the show Duro de domar, called Cualca!  had me rolling in the floor laughing. She has a knack for poking fun at dark and taboo subject matter. In 2013 the Cualca! team which included Julian Kartun, Charo Lopez, Julian Doregger, and Julian Lucero starred in the show Por ahora, which ran for 13 episodes and follows a group of friends living in Buenos Aires. In my favorite episode, Norma and Josefina are not at all excited when their friend Norma enthusiastically announce that she is getting married. In true Daria Mrogendorffer fashion, Norma hasn’t forgotten that Sandra owes her 5,000 pesos. At the wedding, they discover that Sandra is having an affair with her boss, cause Sandra’s sister to have a breakdown, and witness Sandra’s husband become paralyzed after being tossed in the air by his friends.

Pichot also wrote and starred in a mini series called Jorge.

If you find yourself in Argentina, hopefully you have a chance to see Malena Pichot live. 



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