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Hosting Folks in Casa

This Tuesday I received my first Couchsurfer. I’ve done a little bit of surfing when I was studying in Chile and went of to explore South America, and had really positive experiences with the people who welcomed me into their homes. It gave me a more in depth glimpse into different cultures, sometimes a chance to taste home cooked comida tipica, travel buddies, and people that I will never forget.

Su, the couchsurfer, is orginally from New York but is traveling and volunteering around South America. She is a photographer and so she came with Hernan and I to our tango class and took some shots. She also has a website she has created with friends devoted to artists around the world.  The next day we went to the Museo de la Memoria, a museum dedicated those that were tortured and disappeared during the military dictatorship. I would have liked to have shown her more of the city, but I had to finish those mates for that gosh darned Catholic school, and then the next day I was getting down with my bad self and the marketing company. When I came home, Su cooked some delicious Dominican chicken and much later we went to Club 990, an arty fartsy bar in Alta Cordoba that plays Jazz. The next day she left for Bolivia. I had a lot of fun.

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