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Hello Kitty is Comin’ to Town

Save up your pesos and maybe empty out your booze allowance jar. For her 40th birthday, Hello Kitty will be taking over Downtown LA’s Little Tokyo with the first ever official Hello Kitty Con in the world, Oct 30- Nov 2. This is your opportunity to spend Halloween with everybody’s favorite cat. Hello Kitty will hold court at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (The Museum Of Contemporary Art). Attendees will be treated to panels, art exhibits, a chance to see the first ever Hello Kitty coin purse made in 1974, and tattoos by renowned artists such as Mario DESA and Dan Smith. There will also be a pop-up shop with Hello Kitty products from around the world, and a specially curated vintage boutique with items from the fabulous feline’s early days.


Poster, $25 at the convention


 The Line will be the con’s official hotel and will offer Hello Kitty-themed rooms and dishes on their room-service menu. This seems like a reasonable option for those of us who can’t yet afford a seat on the Hello Kitty jet. Check out Sanrio’s official HK Con page for more info on this important event in kitsch history.

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Halloween Music for Groovin’ Ghouls

West Hollywood is a great way to store some costume ideas for the coming year. Here we have a young man dressed as Wendy Wiliams and Catwoman.

West Hollywood is a great way to store some costume ideas for the coming year. Here we have a young man dressed as Wendy Wiliams next to Catwoman.

Halloween, sewing, and crazy makeup are my jam! Seeing the decorations go up, empty store fronts are filled with All Hallow’s Eve goodies warm my ice cold heart. Halloween is my undeniably favorite holiday. When I was living in Argentina, I didn’t miss Thanksgiving or Independence Day, but I did miss dressing up and seeing people eager to invoke some spooky spirits.


The Chilean miner was popular in 2010

Tale as old as time 2011

A bed in the middle of West Hollywood

A bed in the middle of West Hollywood

While you’re deciding on a costume, here are my recommendations for your Halloween playlist.

Los Saicos are a garage/surf band from Lima, Peru who created a sound almost unheard of in Latin America in the 60s. With Erwin Flores’ wailing vocal technique, Los Saicos were a precursor to punk.


I’m not a big fan of The Hunger, but I sure like this song. Great for background music for a haunted house maze.


Soft and eerie, maybe make this the last song at your party to encourage your drunken ghoulish guests to leave?


“Gloomy Sunday” was originally composed by Rezső Seress in 1932, with lyrics by Lázló Jávor. The song was a hit, and also became associated with several suicides that occurred in Hungary, which was facing famine and poverty at the time. Billie Holiday made the song popular in the States in 1941.


I’m not a Fiona Apple fan, but I dig this cover by everyone else’s favorite moody musician. Her voice sounds like she just slit her wrists in the bathtub, making the original Nightmare Before Christmas version sound a little too sweet.


How could you not include a song called “Halloween”? Step up your eyeliner game this year and try Siouxie’s Egyptian hieroglyph inspired eyes with this tutorial.


I like this song, and this video with the Muppets. Miss Piggy could be a boss Nikki Minaj.


Suspiria is my favorite scary movie because of all it’s campy, colorful, bloody ballet academy greatness. The soundtrack is just as spooky. Both are classics.


Her boyfriend’s teeth aren’t white and he only has three. Alaska y Dinarama were famous during La Movida Madrileña, a countercultural movement that took place in Madrid after Francisco Franco’s death in 1975, and which also gave us other kookie cool people such as Pedro Almodóvar.

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My Favorite Bands from Culture Collide 2013

My pieces of flair. Each button says "Good Music" in a different language.

My pieces of flair. Each button says “Good Music” in a different language.

I have never been a fan of crowded, stinky music festivals, but unlike Coachella,  Culture Collide brought together various artists from around the world in various bars, clubs, and even a church in Echo Park. It was lovely because aside from overpriced food and drinks available at each venue, one had the choice of taking advantage of several taco trucks, liquor stores, and quesadilla carts. No flower garlands here, big black Amish looking hats were the headgear of choice for this Fall festival. Saturday was the best day of the event.

My favorite band from Friday was Float Fell, Belgian duo who played slow, ethereal songs.

Maya Vik ‘s bass slapping performance didn’t disappoint.  That Norwegian with a blond afro knows how to jam, and even sang a slow cover of “Oh Sheila.” Her sound reminds me of Prince. As Maya Vik played while light from the sunset illuminated through the stained glass of the Echo Park Methodist Church, I felt as if she must have been touched by Prince’s purple holiness.

The most energetic and outrageous was Terry Poison from Israel, who really knows how to entertain a crowd with their electro-rock sounds. Lead singer Louise Kahn climbed on top of the speakers, danced on top of the bar, and took a sip of an audience member’s drink. It was an intimate show at one of the rooms at Taix, an old French restaurant. Terry Poison has been around since 2008,  and have opened for Depeche Mode and played at fashion weeks in London, Paris, and Los Angeles.

I am content now that I have new workout tunes.

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Visiting Che Guevara

Alta Gracia is a pueblo about an hour outside of Cordoba Capital, where Che Guevara spent his childhood. His house definitely isn’t the most exciting thing to see in Argentina (it’s a house, not the Taj Mahal), but after almost a year here, what the hell.


Foreigners get charged a little extra, I think 40 pesos so Spanish is crucial if you’re thinking about duping the Man.


La Poderosa

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Current State of Affairs

Hi last week I was finally able to see a specialist and get my MRI here in Cordoba, turns out I have a torn ligament. The doc recommended surgery, but says I’m too scared. If I don’t have it the problem will continue. For the next few weeks I’m going to prepare by going to therapy, I need all the luck I can get. I talked to my mom who told me I need to suck it up and quit being a chicken, HA! I am glad that I have folk down here who care about me.

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Hi y’all, how was your weekend? That sounds like fun, this weekend Hernan and I went camping thanks for asking. Sorry I have no pictures for this post, the camera died (although I did charge the damn thing) as soon as we arrived at the camping site. We left Córdoba Capital Friday evening. We left our apartment an hour earlier to find a bus that would take us to Los Reartes, (where the couchsurfing camp site is, a few km away from Villa General Belgrano, where the main Oktoberfest event takes place) but most of them were full. Finally we decided to take a bus to VGB and hope to find another bus that would take us to Los Reartes, but alas, we arrived too late. We spent the night at the bus station until 5:30 AM when the began running. After we arrived, it was raining with thunder and lightning, and when we finally arrived at the camp site, none of the couchsurfing peeps had arrived. Exhausted, we pitched our tent under some random tree and fell asleep. I had no sleeping bag, so we tried to squeeze ourselves into one, which was uncomfortable after a while. When we awoke and the rain had stopped, we discovered some CS peeps actually were there, but they had the sense to pitch their tents under a metal roof /patio type deal. Hernan moved the tent and then we went to VGB, just to see the folk getting drunk in the streets with their beer mugs and Peter Pan style hats. It rained until Sunday, when we took a long walk alongside the river and wet our feet a bit. I wanted to go for a swim, but we had already packed our stuff Luckily, Samuel, the dude who organized the camping, drove us home, and the shared gas expenses cost less than taking a bus. I had fun getting away from the city, though I wish more CS folks showed up.

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October is Here!

Hi what are y’all up to this Saturday?

Just finished making a pizza with queso cremoso, my homemade tomato sauce, and green olives. During the weekends here in Cordoba people are usually nursing their hangovers and go out later to the boliches in Nueva Cordoba. I leave you with this jam for a warm, Spring day, well on my side of the equator anyway.

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