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It’s Summah!


Done with Photoshop CS4

Just Being A Busy Body


Last month I started interning at a fashion publicity agency in West Hollywood. It’s a small yet busy showroom where we always eat lentil soup on Thursdays. I spend most of the day keeping track of our clients to see if their stuff appears on blogs, magazines, on the backs of celebrities etc, etc and handling stylist returns. Meaning retagging clothes and hanging them back up. As I think of other stuff to post, please enjoy some of my favorite new songs



All Oreo’d Out

I spent the whole day tracking down Philadelphia cream cheese and packs of Oreos for Hernan’s birthday. I went to Mercado Norte, which is a section of Cordoba that sells clothes, produce, and everything else for wholesale. I might have overdid it on the Oreos though, as I bought too many packs of mini oreos and Oreo alfajores.


Making crumbs with about 30 cookies.


Mixing the three packs of cream cheese, sugar, and eggs. Philadelphia cream cheese is expensive here, so next time I'll stick with Queso Finlandia.


Finally, I stir in the rest of the oreos, pour over the crust and into the over for an hour.


The top came out a bit burnt, though Hernan still wolfed it down.

 You can find this recipe here:

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Berenstain Bears and Too Much Mates

Hernan makes a living selling mates, but I didn’t know how much I would be affected by this until last night. You see, some Catholic school in Rosario ordered almost 200 wooden mate calabazas (the cup you drink mate out of) with the school name engraved on them. Friday Hernan bought me the little wood engraving machine. I have no experience with all that woodworking jazz, but I have smaller hands and better handwriting. I tested one mate calabaza, and then I was good to go. I’ve also burnt my hand a few times, but so far I have completed 80 and waiting for the second half to arrive.