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Sunday at Maria Maria

Good evening, how was your weekend? Oh that sounds nice, but I’m far too lazy to do something like that.

Yesterday Hernan, some couchsurfing folks (Rut and Diego), and I went to Tia Cucha’s Peruvian Restaurant almost out in the boonies of Alta Cordoba. It’s a place our friend pinche Armando found a while back. It’s a place that brings back memories of sitting at the open air market in Cuzco getting my grub on. However, this is not a place I would bring somebody who is accustomed to dining fancy. I ordered the fish with rice and begins, because every now and then I like to get down with my arroz y frijoles, güey. The other folks ordered lomo salteado which is shredded steak with onions and bell peppers, ceviche, and some other seafood dish. After woofing down all our food, we went back to Diego’s apartment which is even more way out in the boonies to drink mate. Hernan and I were hella tired when we finally made it home, but then I got a message from Gi, one of the chicas who lives on the 3rd floor saying that she was going to go out with Fani, the girl who works at the bakery downstairs. I was hesitant about going since I was feeling lazy, but I figured I should go that way I continue getting invited to all the happening and wild shindigs. We went to Maria Maria, a bar along the cañada. The music was good, but the place wasn’t really poppin’ as it was almost empty. The DJ played some pop hits as well as reggaeton, cumbia villera, and salsa. After throwing out a few steps, we went home early, about 4 AM.

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