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Weekend On The Rancho

I spent the whole weekend roughing it up in La Granja, a small little pueblo an hour and a half away from Cordoba Capital with Stefania, who invited Hernan, Chris, and me for the adventure. Stefania is half Polish and although she’s half a world away from where she was born, she still finds ways to hold onto her roots. She speaks Spanish and has been performing traditional Polish dancing since she was knee high to Gary Coleman. She has also spent many summer vacations at the Colonia Polaca, and the owner, Piper is a family friend. I was hesitant about leaving my city comforts behind, but that changed after meeting Piper, Viki and their two children Sofia and Maria. Viki is learning English, and so she was happy to know that I’m from California. Unfortunately, we practiced Mexican Spanish instead of English. When we arrived, Piper picked us up from the bus stop and we drove along a dark dusty road with no street lights. There was a delicious asado, consisting of chicken and chorizo, waiting for us. The Colonia Polaca is over 90 years old, and is a great spot for camping, and there are rooms available for those who are less adventurous. Aside from having a little chapel for weddings and birthday parties, there are also cultural activities for children who wish to learn how to speak Polish and wilderness survival skills. There’s also a pigpen and swimming pool.

Entrance to the Colonia Polaca with Chichi awaiting our arrival


The next day, Hernan and I hiked down to the nearby river, which was dried up, but had some cows lounging. After we ate empanadas with the rest of the crew and walked to the pueblo for a polo match. but sadly, we arrived too late.

That night we made pizzas which Stefania taught me how to make from scratch, but I was too empanada’d out to even eat a slice. The next day we did some more hiking and went horseback riding. I had never been on a horse but rode calmly even when my horse stopped all of a sudden and began eating leaves in the dark. At night we took the bus back home. I had a great time, but was happy to finally relax in my own bed.

For more information on the Colonia Polaca:


Traditional Polish Birdie Design



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