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My Favorite Bands from Culture Collide 2013

My pieces of flair. Each button says "Good Music" in a different language.

My pieces of flair. Each button says “Good Music” in a different language.

I have never been a fan of crowded, stinky music festivals, but unlike Coachella,  Culture Collide brought together various artists from around the world in various bars, clubs, and even a church in Echo Park. It was lovely because aside from overpriced food and drinks available at each venue, one had the choice of taking advantage of several taco trucks, liquor stores, and quesadilla carts. No flower garlands here, big black Amish looking hats were the headgear of choice for this Fall festival. Saturday was the best day of the event.

My favorite band from Friday was Float Fell, Belgian duo who played slow, ethereal songs.

Maya Vik ‘s bass slapping performance didn’t disappoint.  That Norwegian with a blond afro knows how to jam, and even sang a slow cover of “Oh Sheila.” Her sound reminds me of Prince. As Maya Vik played while light from the sunset illuminated through the stained glass of the Echo Park Methodist Church, I felt as if she must have been touched by Prince’s purple holiness.

The most energetic and outrageous was Terry Poison from Israel, who really knows how to entertain a crowd with their electro-rock sounds. Lead singer Louise Kahn climbed on top of the speakers, danced on top of the bar, and took a sip of an audience member’s drink. It was an intimate show at one of the rooms at Taix, an old French restaurant. Terry Poison has been around since 2008,  and have opened for Depeche Mode and played at fashion weeks in London, Paris, and Los Angeles.

I am content now that I have new workout tunes.

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